Germany: 'Orderly' situation at EU border 'prerequisite' to solve migration issues — govt. spokesperson

Order and EU-wide coordination were named «prerequisites» to solve the situation on the Turkish-Greek border by German government spokespeople during a press conference on Wednesday. «The first step is to establish orderly conditions at the European border because that is the prerequisite for humanitarian questions to be attended to,» said German Interior Ministry spokesperson Steve Alter. «We... Еще do not have a situation at the border that we could consider orderly, nonetheless today during the interior ministers meeting in Brussels it will be discussed how Greece can be helped,» he added. Currently, thousands of refugees are waiting on the Turkish-Greece border hoping to cross into Greece after the Turkish government announced it would no longer stop migrants from entering the European Union. Deputy government spokesperson, Ulrike Demmer, also said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin «should be talking about defining an area where the care of these internally displaced people can take place without them becoming victims of military violence.» «First and foremost, the two states that are militarily active from outside are needed, meaning Turkey and Russia. The current offensive of the regime would not have been possible without Russian support,» added German Foreign Office spokesperson, Rainer Breul. Erdogan and Putin are set to meet for talks in Moscow on Thursday.

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