Germany: One million coronavirus tests carried out, Health Ministry confirms

German Health Ministry spokesperson Hanno Kautz announced that Germany has conducted one million tests for coronavirus while speaking at a weekly press conference from Berlin on Wednesday. «All in all, about one million tests have been conducted [in Germany]. More than 90 percent of those are negative,» Kautz said. Kautz added that «you can assume that as long as this epidemic is not... Еще [widespread] in the country, there will not be many doublings, and this number of about 1 million is about right.» Commenting on the ongoing migrant situation in Greece, Spokesman of the Interior Ministry Steve Alter said that Germany will «take in 50 children under the age of 14 from Greece. « Alter added that «the EU member states have, in the meanwhile, agreed on taking in between 1,000 to 1,500 children in total.» «Every single person will be tested for corona shortly before the intake, the test cannot be older than three days,» Alter added. Responding to those who allegedly criticised the govt for their slow reaction, Kautz said «​you cannot just march in there and saying 'you are coming with us, you stay here'. There must be a process which is comprehensive. This process is being implemented by the Greek authorities with the participation of experienced organisations, so that are no arbitrary decisions.»

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