Germany: Officials lambast Trump administration at Munich Security Conference

German officials blasted the Trump administration during their speeches as the Munich Security Conference kicked off in the south German city on Friday. German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier accused the Trump administration of sacrificing «the idea of international community» for an «every man for himself» policy. «'Great again' — if need be at the expense of the neighbours and partners. This... Еще is how it seems at least,» Steinmeier added. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas supported his criticism stating, «the real game changer is rather that the era of the omni-present American world police is ending, as everybody can see. We just have to think Syria, Afghanistan or also in Africa. And this is not because the US lacks military or economic power, but rather because the engagement of those responsible in the White House for the US-made world order has changed. Other countries are pushing into this geopolitical void, which is especially visible in the Middle East. Countries, like Russia, Turkey or Iran.» The first day also featured several panel discussions including with Nancy Pelosi, Sebastian Kurz and Justin Trudeau, among others. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz commented on the situation regarding the integration of refugees in Austria, suggesting migrants from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are «more difficult» to integrate than children of diplomats who live in Vienna.​ No access Germany // Mandatory credit: Munich Security Conference 2020 — BR

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