Germany: Nuremberg residents evacuated for controlled WWII bomb detonation

Dozens of neighbours from the Hasenbuck residential area in Nuremberg were evacuated on Wednesday after a Second World War aerial bomb was discovered at a construction site. A partial 250kg (551lbs) aerial bomb was found under a building being demolished to be turned into an underground garage for residential buildings. Explosives expert Bettina Jurga explained it was a «partially detonated... Еще pilot bomb.» «However,» she continued, it was «still ignited, corresponding precautions had to be taken and I decided myself on site that we would detonate [the bomb],» she said. Several police units and civil protection officers cordoned off the area within 100 metres (328 ft) from the construction site, as buses were made available for over 260 residents to be evacuated. Firefighters were also present during the event. Explosives expert Michael Weiss described the detonation process and said that the bomb was blown up with the aid of straw, 5,000 litres of water (1320 gallons) and sand, causing the «pressure wave to develop upwards,» he said, next to the bomb crater. «When I arrived here parts of the bomb were still everywhere. We already packed the fragments in our cars. Now there is nothing left after the demolition,» Jurga concluded.

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