Germany: NPD protest over «Hitler Bell» dwarfed by counter-demo

Hundreds of counter-protesters dwarfed a dozen demonstrators from the German National Democratic Party (NPD) in the town of Herxheim am Berg in Rhineland-Palatinate, Saturday. The nationalists turned up to defend a bell, in the town's clock tower, which has sparked controversy due to a recently revealed inscription of a swastika and Adolf Hitler's name, alongside the slogan 'Everything is for... Еще the Fatherland.' There has been a backlash, with many of the local residents demanding that it be replaced, however, the NPD are staunchly defending it by claiming there are more important subjects on the table. «There are an ever-increasing number of children who live in poverty. But 'ding dong', there's a Hitler bell in Herxheim am Berg. German soldiers are being sent to war abroad for foreign interests. But 'ding dong', there's a Nazi bell,» said a speaker on behalf of the NPD.

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