Germany: 'Not frustrated, just curious' — Merkel quizes May on Brexit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel slammed the United Kingdom's Brexit decision during a joint press conference alongside the UK's Prime Minister Theresa May in Berlin on Friday. «We basically have not changed our stance,» Merkel said, «but we want to have as close as possible a partnership with Britain even after leaving the European Union.» When inquired if she was frustrated by the lack of... Еще info by the UK over Brexit she replied, «I'm not frustrated at all, I am just curious on how Britain envisages this future partnership. And obviously we have our own vested interests.» There was also a moment of confusion as Merkel mistakenly began to leave the presser earlier before realising her mistake and returning to the podium. On her side, May reaffirmed the UK's «commitment to the Iran nuclear deal and the need for full implementation by all sides,» adding that «we also share US concerns about Iran's destabilising activity in the Middle East and we stand ready to take further appropriate measures to tackle these issues.» Merkel and May meeting came a day before the latter's scheduled speech in Munich where she will present key points regarding UK's future involvement in European security issues after Brexit.

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