Germany: Not a 'love match' — Merkel, Scholz and Seehofer discuss new coalition agreement

German Chancellor Angela Merkel sat alongside CSU leader Horst Seehofer and SPD politician Olaf Scholz, on Monday, at a press conference in Berlin, to discuss the new agreement that would see their respective parties enter a Grand Coalition. Merkel said that now was the time for the «real work» to begin, and applauded the agreement that she described as, «A new appeal for Europe, a new dynamic... Еще for Germany, a new solidarity for our nation.» Scholz joked that while the coalition may not have started out in life as a «love match», they are entering the coalition to offer Germany a stable government. Merkel also responded to comments on Germany's relationship with Turkey. While acknowledging a «worsening human rights situation» in the nation, she maintained that dialogue with Ankara was still essential. «Within the coalition agreement we have been very intensely dealing with the issue of the relationship with Turkey. Because Turkey is a neighbouring country of the European Union, because Turkey is holding negotiations for its membership,» Merkel explained.

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