Germany: ‘No Polish death camps’ argues PM on Holocaust Bill

Polish Prime Minister Mateuz Morawiecki said the Holocaust Bill was a reaction to the “shameful and very wrong attacks on Poland’s good name,” speaking during a press conference at Humbolt Carre in Berlin on Thursday. “In the last year embassies of Poland including the one here in Germany had to intervene 300 times to object the expression “Polish death camps”. 250 times in Europe. And there... Еще were many other expressions like Polish Gestapo, there was no polish gestapo, polis SS, there was no polish SS, polish death camps, there were no polish death camps. So we had to explain it to the audience or to some programs”, said Morawiecki. The Prime Minister also referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin, claiming that “he has attacked Georgia, he has attack Ukraine and he is doing so many kind of hybrid sort of aggression all over the place including maybe the USA and certainly the EU and Poland and other countries”. As he mentioned during his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier in the day, Morawiecki affirmed to “have some reservations towards the German policy in the area of the north stream tube or gas supplies because by cutting the Ukraine from gas supplies we actually gave the Ukraine into the hands of Mr Putin.”

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