Germany: 'No place' for extremist thoughts or 'conspiracy myths' — govt spox

Government spokesperson Steffen Seibert condemned rising extremism and increasing violence at the biweekly Berlin conference on Monday. His comments come following several attacks in Europe over the past few weeks, and after protesters and police clashed at a protest during the weekend. «Violent confrontations and the misuse of the right to protest are not admissible. There's no place for violence and provocations and even less place for extremist thoughts or conspiracy myths, no matter which side they're coming from,» he said. Seibert confirmed that journalists, security forces and police forces were attacked during the Querdenken Leipzig demonstration which saw the attendance of more than 20,000 people. The protest had been called in response to the coronavirus measures put in place by the German government to curb the infection rate of corona to avoid too much strain being put on the health system. Interior Ministry spokesperson Steve Alter criticised attendees for not adhering to safety measures, including wearing masks and keeping social distancing guidelines. «One can also say, they violated the infection protective measures. And this behaviour is irresponsible and it has to be strongly criticised,» he added. Seibert also made a brief comment on Chancellor Merkel's statement published on her social media Monday morning, in which she congratulated the electoral victory of the new US President, Joe Biden. He also emphasised that it was too early to make any comments. «We are now in a phase, which begins in America, that one would call a 'transition,'» he said.

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