Germany: 'No Gorlitzer Park in Baden-Wurttemberg' as state promises to punish Stuttgart rioters

Minister-President of Baden-Wurttemberg Winfried Kretschmann and Deputy Minister-President of the German state Thomas Strobl condemned Stuttgart's violent riot and lootings over the weekend. «Offenders, vandals and violence instigators will be encountered with consequences and legal persecutions in Stuttgart and Baden-Wurttemberg,» said Strobl speaking to the press on Monday adding that the state of Baden-Wurttemberg would not be so lenient towards criminals since «There are no Gorlitzer Parks in Stuttgart.» Meanwhile, Kretschmann said the State and country government would do anything in their power to ensure all perpetrators involved in the «terrible» acts of Saturday night and early Sunday morning would be held accountable. «Baden-Wurttemberg is a free state, Stuttgart is a free city. Everyone can move around and live freely, as long as they have respect for society's rules and orders,» he added before thanking Baden-Wurttemberg's state police officers who had responded to riots. Police were deployed in Stuttgart on Sunday, amid a night of riots and looting, as several hundred of young people began throwing stones and bottles at officers around midnight after a 17-year-old German was stopped over an alleged drug offence at the city's main square.

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