Germany: No food for you — NGO to stop giving food to foreigners

A non-governmental food bank which distributes food for people in need sparkled controversy in Essen on Friday, by deciding not to admit any more foreigners due to an increase on the percentage of refugees compared to the amount of Germans. On Twitter, the food bank was deemed 'Nazi' for this decision, while the head of the association sees it without surprise, justifying «In the last two months... Еще and a half, we have stopped the admission of foreigner fellow citizens, because the percentage of foreigner fellow citizens has increased to 75% here and we, in Essen, also want to give the Germans fellow citizens the possibility to come to the food bank. Unfortunately we don't have place for everyone.» The foreigners who had been already admitted can still receive the help, but one German taker said that in her opinion «only the Germans with German ID have access and the others should stay out, because it is too full,» adding «We Germans have been a bit suppressed, because so many refugees came.» Another German taker, on the other hand, believes the decision «isn't right», stressing «Everyone who is in need is entitled to receive food supply and it doesn't mean that one need to have a German ID.» Peter Renzel, alderman for Youth, Education and Social Aeas in Essen didn't question the controversial decision, saying only that «75% have a foreign passport and only 25% [have a] German [one] and if various takers, especially the old ones, say here to the voluntaries that they feel uncomfortable in this position, the association reacted [like this] and I have to accept it.»

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