Germany: 'No animal gets out alive' — Activist on German lab after undercover footage released

Founder of the German animal rights organisation 'SoKo Tierschutz eV' Friedrich Muelln commented on the shocking footage allegedly taken undercover from within the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology (LPT) in Mienenbuettel, near Hamburg, during an interview in Hamburg on Wednesday. «The LPT has been known for decades as the most secretive private animal testing laboratory in Germany... Еще, absolutely notorious, contested, [with] ongoing protests. No animal gets out alive, but also no information gets out, at least not for the public. No photos, nothing, a black hole,» Muelln said. The animal rights activist went on to explain that due to the nature of the work in the lab, they «desperately look for staff,» which enabled one of their fellow activists to get a job there and begin clandestine filming within the location. Muelln said that this activist «was already able to document such grave photos in the first days, that it gave me a chill.'' According to Muelln, the acts and conditions displayed in the footage «is a breach of law in the hundreds,» and that other sadistic acts and alleged research «falsified by concealing the death of an animal in the documents,» provides the opportunity to «impose a serious sentence.» Ruptly has reached out to the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology but has not yet received a comment.

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