Germany: New study suggests there's more to sniffer dogs than 'Mantrailing'

Germany: New study suggests there's more to sniffer dogs than 'Mantrailing' Leipzig University's Institute of Forensic Medicine and the Saxony police force invited the press to observe a study in Leipzig on Thursday, to establish the ability of sniffer dogs to identify individuals. While sniffer dogs have been used in so-called 'Mantrailing' for years, this investigation attempts to establish... Еще the accuracy with which a sniffer dog can differentiate individual human scents. One of the police dog handlers, Dieter Schmidt explained that, while dogs are often used in searches, judges need more scientific proof of their accuracy in identifying suspects. «These dogs will be used in criminal proceedings and in a trial it is, of course, extremely important that the judge or the lawyer is able to assess how reliable such dogs are. That can only be established through a scientific study,» he explained. Senior Physician at the Institute of Forensic Medicine Dr Med. Carsten Babian said that he found the prospect of the study «exciting.» Babian and Woidtke went on to write the joint paper: «Individual human scent as a forensic identifier using mantrailing.» Woidtke hopes that establishing this practice as a scientifically valid forensic identifier will be valuable to the legal system.

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