Germany: Nazi-saluting wolf statues unveiled in Chemnitz

An exhibition of bronze wolf statues performing the Nazi salute was unveiled in the German city of Chemnitz on Thursday, shortly after the Saxony city had been shaken by a wave of violent incidents. Created by artist Rainer Opolka and titled 'The Wolves Are Back?,' the travelling exhibition features 10 large, aggressive-looking bronze wolves, many of them doing the salute that typified the... Еще German Nazi party during the Third Reich. Some of the statues are also blindfolded. The exhibition is surrounded by banners criticising violence and prejudice. One such banner reads «Not everyone grieves. AFD/Pegida and Nazis instrumentalise our fear and hate.” Opolka explained the reasoning behind bringing his art to Chemnitz. «This is a political vigil because, around 10 days ago, some people in Chemnitz did the Hitler salute and, what is more, they hunted foreigners through the city. And therefore I am standing here [to say] democrats should not tolerate this,» he said.

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