Germany: Mysterious crop circle appears in Bavarian field

Visitors flocked to see a giant crop circle discovered in the grain field between the Bavarian towns of Raisting, Fischen and Diessen am Ammersee on Wednesday. «It is like a full battery of energy at the moment because this space is an energy centre», said Stanislaus, one of visitors. Jerome Wintz, another person at the site, said he was sceptical about the non-human nature of the creation until he made a research on the internet. «I informed myself there in the night to Sunday it rained. And you have four and a half hours until the sun rises, from midnight to there and that nobody in the village has noticed that 10 or 20 people are doing nonsense here, that's unimaginable.» Esotericist Ernst Hoffmann who studied four recent crop circles in Bavaria, suggested viewing the phenomenon with the help of 'cosmic laws'. «There is unity and duality and trinity. The Trinity is the sacred number 3 and it was connected there, so that's really a deep statement of the crop circle», said Hoffmann.

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