Germany: Murder suspect admits to lying over age in latest Freiburg trial

Murder suspect Huseen K. admitted to having given false information over his age, when speaking at his trial over the murder and rape of medical student Maria L. at the Freiburg District Court, on Tuesday. Huseen K. said he lied about his age when he arrived in Germany as a migrant in 2015. This new information is crucial for determining the severity of his final sentence, as he will be trialed... Еще as an adult and not a minor. Huseen K. faces charges for having allegedly raped 19-year old medical student Maria L. who was on her way home from a party in Freiburg in October 2016, and then drowning her by laying her unconscious body in the Dreisam river. During the trial Huseen K. admitted to giving a false age of 16 to Germany authorities when he was initially questioned, because he believed being tried as a minor in Germany was «much better» for him. Huseen K. had previously been charged with ten years in prison after reportedly pushing a woman off a cliff in Greece in 2013. However, Greek authorities lost track of him while he was on parole, in which time he fled to Germany. The case has attracted widespread coverage due to the fact Huseen K. is a migrant of Afghan origin that took advantage of Germany's open doors refugee policy. German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has since warned against the dangers of «incitement» of propaganda, urging people not to scapegoat migrants following the incident.
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