Germany: Munich court rules Tesla 'Autopilot' advertisement is misleading

The Munich Regional Court ruled that the use of terms including 'autopilot' and 'full self driving' in Tesla's advertisement for its electronic vehicles were misleading to consumers, on Tuesday. The injunction was filed by the Centre for Protection Against Unfair Competition last year, and refers to Tesla's German unit. Lawyer for the center Andreas Ottofuelling said, «when we looked at the functionality that is built into this vehicle in this Model 3, at the moment they are on level two, at the end of level two maybe, or the start of level three. This autopiloted autonomous driving is at level five and there is still a long way to go (for Tesla) until that point.» «Every engineer, every physicist, every software engineer says it will take a while to get to level five, then you are for some time on the road without steering,» he added. Spokesperson at the district court Anne-Kristin Fricke said, «this is factually neither legally possible or technically. Now the defendant objected saying they left an explanation at the end of their website, a clear explanation, and so to say solved the misleading message, but the chamber did not agree. They said that it lacks transparency and clarity, and therefore they banned the advertisement.» She added that Tesla is able to appeal the decision, which is not yet fully legally binding.

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