Germany: Mourners lay flowers at site of Muenster van attack

Reporter (German): «Why did you lay flowers down?» Niko, Muenster resident (German): «Because I just want to be here to take in the place where it happened and because I'm also a resident of Munster and am incomprehensibly sad.» Reporter (German): «How do you feel right now?» Niko, Muenster resident (German): «I'm still confused. I'm still confused... Earlier the song 'Hallelujah' was... Еще playing as I was taking the van that I borrowed from my friend back, because mine is still out of service, and I cried. I just cried because it's all just so crazy.» Reporter (German): «And why was it important for you to come and lay flowers today?» Simone Bergmann, Muenster resident (German): «It could have happened to a friend of mine, he was standing right there. His wife has a shop just here, and she was with both the children, one is three, the other I think is thirteen. They were stood just there when it happened. It could have been either him or his wife. I find that frightening that a person can do such a thing, that someone can't deal with their personal problems at home, but has to do it in public.» Mourners laid flowers at the site of the Muenster van ramming attack, in the western city of Muenster on Sunday, one day after a deadly attack which left two dead and a further 20 injured. One eyewitness named Niko recounted his experience of the attack, saying «I'd like to thank the police, they did such a good job, such a good job — and I'm normally not a friend of the police, but there I actually thought: respect.» He also expressed his relief that the attack isn't thought to be related to Islamist extremism; «You can't say whether it was good or bad, but in the context of the big world and justice, I'm just really happy that it wasn't a terror attack». Another eyewitness named Simone Bergmann said she had found the situation «frightening», pointing out that it could have happened «to a friend of mine, he was standing right there. His wife has a shop just here, and she was with both the children». An investigation into the attack has been launched.

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