Germany: Minister pleads for countries to support Syria at COP23

Ladies and gentlemen, despite that, emissions in Syria are really limited compared to other countries around the world. In addition to the difficult circumstances we are discussing, we have a development program and strategy to adapt and mitigate the adverse impact on climate change. The government will adopt a policy of transformation to green, clean energy, particularly given that forest have... Еще degraded during the crisis. The government also will deploy huge efforts to put in place mechanisms to rehabilitate residential areas which were affected, taking into account the environment. Ladies and gentlemen, we have presented our first communication on climate change in 2010 and we were not able to prepare our second communication because of the lack of the necessary financial support by the donors and also because of the aggressive unilateral economic measures imposed on my country. The developed countries are the prime parties responsible for climate change so they should live up to their legal humanitarian commitment towards developing countries by providing financial technical support for these countries to implement the adoption policies, building capacities and also to provide the necessary financial support. Syria, going forward, will need the support of international community to overcome the devastating effects on the environment as a result of the war against it. So, that for Syria, together as a country, will develop in order to face up to the modifications of the impact which have become tangible. Now we are facing our historical responsibility towards the future generations and we should undertake the necessary decisions very soon. We hope that this conference will contribute to our people and countries coming in together in the benefit of our future and in the benefit of having a clean environment for our future generations. Thank you very much. Deputy Minister of Local Administration and Environment of Syrian Arab Republic Wadah Katmaw pleaded with the developed countries to live up to their legal humanitarian commitment at the COP23 conference in Bonn on Thursday. Katmawi explained, during his speech, how war has left Syria financially unable to commit to further environmental communications since 2010, stating that it needs, «the support of the international community to overcome the devastating effects on the environment.» The Deputy Minister of Local Administration and Environment also reiterated that, «the Syrian Arab republic support the implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change in a way to achieve a global desired goals.» The COP23 summit takes place under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and is set to last until November 17. The conference is aimed at establishing ways to combat climate change through emission reduction throughout the world.

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