Germany: Merkel whistled over at campaign rally in Brandenburg

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was booed and whistled over by supporters of Alternative for Germany (AfD) and National Democratic Party (NPD) during the Christian Democratic Union Party (CDU) election campaign rally in Brandenburg an der Havel, Tuesday. Dozens of AFD and NPD supporters mixed into the crowd of CDU supporters in the city's central Neustaedtischer Markt square, chanting «Merkel... Еще must leave» and whistling as Merkel delivered her speech on stage. Merkel ignored the booing and continued to speak about the CDU's political manifesto, as well as issues such as the refugee crisis and domestic security. Some of the anti-Merkel protesters were escorted by police from the square; however no significant incidents broke out despite the close proximity of Merkel's supporters and opponents. Merkel kicked off her re-election campaign on August 12, seeking a fourth straight term as Germany's Federal Chancellor. The German federal election is set to take place on September 24.


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