Germany: Merkel vows to support Albania on post-quake EU journey

German Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed to support Albania at an upcoming donor's conference that will be hosted by the European Union in response to the earthquake that hit the Balkan country in November. Merkel spoke alongside Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama in Berlin on Monday. «Germany will commit to this donor’s conference. The cooperation and the willingness to help were impressive in the... Еще region and nevertheless it was a heavy blow for Albania,» the German leader said. Commenting on Albania and North Macedonia's aspirations to enter the EU, Merkel said, «we stand behind the EU ambitions of Albania and the entire Western Balkan region.» «In particular we want to reach an agreement at the forthcoming European Council meeting in March to start accession negotiations with Albania as well as North Macedonia. Both countries have achieved quite a lot. We took this position during the last European Council meeting and we will work hard to achieve these goals in March,» she added. The Albanian leader thanked all those who came to Albania's assistance when it was struck by the powerful earthquake, which took the lives of 52 people, and left hundreds wounded. «I want to thank you out of gratitude for the solidarity that you showed from the first seconds [after the earthquake in Albania], as well as for your interest and involvement in all of the structures of the emergency services — from Germany, but also from the regional countries and beyond. That help [which we got] has been immensely relieving for the Albanian people in those tragic moments.»


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