Germany: Merkel visits nursing home in Paderborn

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the St. Johannisstift nursing home in Paderborn on Monday, keeping a promise that she had given to nurse Ferdi Cebi during the electoral campaign last September. The St. Johannisstift nurse invited Merkel to visit the nursing home during a ZDF television programme last September, after addressing the German chancellor on deficits in the nursing sector... Еще. Following the visit, Merkel spoke to the press, saying that «of course, there are many difficult tasks. But nurses receive a lot from old people in return. I will try to make it clear to the society.» When speaking to the press after Merkel's visit, Cebi said, «I am impressed how she does it, what a big empathy she has. It demonstrates me that she's really interested in this, interested in an improvement, and of course, I appreciate it.» During Merkel's visit to the St. Johannisstift, a group of supporters of the Alternative for Germany party (AfD) organised a small protest outside the premises of the nursing home. They chanted «Merkel must go» and held banners reading «Never again Merkel.»

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