Germany: Merkel to back allies in Syria but not with military intervention

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Berlin will support its allies in Syria but remained confident that it would need require German military intervention as she spoke alongside Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen in the German capital on Thursday. «Germany will not participate in any military operations, but we will support any effort which will put down a marker to say the use of... Еще chemical weapons is unacceptable,» she explained. «If the Permanent Representatives in the UNSC take steps, we would support them.» She added that Russia's refusal to accept the US's UNSC draft resolution, which would help to identify the perpetrators of the chemical weapon use, does not put the Kremlin 'in the best of lights.' Rasmussen said that NATO and the EU must remain united as Russia 'continues to disregard international principles.'

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