Germany: Merkel tackles religion, immigration and N. Korea in interreligious conference

German Chancellor Angela Merkel addressed audience members at the 'Paths of Peace' conference in Munster, Sunday, where she touched on political issues ranging from Brexit to immigration, to the North Korean nuclear program. «Especially hard was the loss of confidence from the majority of the British people» said the German leader in reference to the EU referendum result. «Of course, in the... Еще future, we want good relations with the UK after their exit from the EU, so that our partnership does not just end at that point» she added. Merkel went on to discuss geo-political events in Europe and further afield, noting new relations with France, the situation in Eastern Ukraine, North Korea's nuclear weapons program and conflicts in Afghanistan, Syria and Libya. «We must also condemn the dreadful state of affairs when it comes to people trafficking exploited illegal immigrants to Europe,» added the chancellor. «Safer, legal opportunities to enter must be protected,» Merkel concluded.


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