Germany: Merkel speaks of «difficult» campaign after re-election, gives reasons for AFD's success

German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended her approach to the election campaign and the refugee crisis in Berlin, Monday, as she gave her first press conference after the official preliminary results were announced for Germany's federal elections. Merkel explained what had, in her opinion, led many Germans to vote for AfD, before going on to defend her handling of the refugee crisis. «I... Еще disapprove of us pretending to be able to craft an ideal world where the Euro would have stayed stable and where the financial crisis would not have existed and where there would have been no refugees,» said Merkel. «We will always face new challenges which have nothing to do with us directly but which affect us through globalisation,” she continued. The chancellor then adviced all German political parties to «take the choice of the voter as the choice of the voter,» and to keep in mind that «every speculation about a re-election is a violation of the choice of the voter.»


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