Germany: Merkel shutdowns protesters at Fulda rally

Thousands of people came to the central market square in Fulda, Friday, to listen to German Chancellor Angela Merkels' Christian Democratic Union (CDU) election campaign rally speech just a month before the federal German elections are set to take place. Among them anti-Merkel protesters tried to heckle the arrival and speech of Merkel, which she addressed when she entered the stage». «I think... Еще the people are very interested in politics. There are two groups. Some can only scream — we have those again tonight — but this is the minority», stated the chancellor. Merkel mentioned the recent Barcelona and Cambrils attacks and stressed the importance of global cooperation and security in combating terrorism; stating «one of the bigger challenges we are facing is Islamic terrorism. A challenge for all countries of the world which we can only fight together», before adding «in Barcelona we experienced how terribly the terrorists attacked again. And with regards to this I believe we all feel that it is important that we are not alone in the fight for freedom and security».


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