Germany: Merkel seeks to steady the ship after Nahles departure

German chancellor Angela Merkel addressed the personnel issues inside her grand coalition with Social Democrats (SPD) following the resignation of SPD party leader Andrea Nahles, at the Democratic Union (CDU)-Christian Social Union (CSU) conference in Weimar on Monday. Angela Merkel reiterated that she is «committed to working in the coalition» and has «respect» for the phase in which the SPD... Еще finds itself in. In the meantime, the SPD has selected three joint caretakers to run the party — Manuela Schwesig and Malu Dreyer, the premiers of the states of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Rhineland-Palatinate, and Thorsten Schaefer-Guembel, who heads the SPD in Hesse state. Merkel said: «I know all three people. They have negotiated the coalition agreement with me, I do not have the impression that it is accompanied by a signal of instability, but it is of course a finding process now in a new situation for the SPD.» Before leaving the presser, Merkel pointed out that «we certainly had a very difficult situation in the coalition a year ago, which was also essentially due to the fact that CDU and CSU had disagreements. Now the coalition is actually working very consistently.» The ruling coalition is due to run until 2021 but a midterm review in autumn is reportedly seen by many as an opportunity for the SPD to pull out of the alliance. These developments come in the aftermath of poor showings for CDU, CSU and SPD in the recently concluded European Union parliamentary election.

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