Germany: Merkel says WTO needs to be reformed at DIHK meeting

German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticised the lack of unity between countries and vouched to fight against the rise of protectionism to guarantee free trade policies. She made the remarks on Wednesday during a meeting of the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK), in Berlin. “I can tell you that Germany among others, luckily, will act against this course of action and will fight over... Еще and over for a free and rule based trade, that we count on the WTO [World Trade Organisation], that we want to reform this WTO and also when we suffer setbacks, we shouldn't abandon or forget these principles,” she said. Merkel added that the end of the financial crisis of 2009 was only possible because “the G20 states and the leading economic powers of the world were able to act together.'' «And that is why I am very upset, I have to admit this, that despite this being ten years ago we don't cherish this lesson anymore and protectionism is on the rise,” Merkel added.


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