Germany: Merkel says Berlin wants to be Sudan's partner amid transition challenges

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Berlin wanted to become Sudan's partner as the country was going through a difficult transition to a civilian-led government. Merkel was speaking at a joint news conference with Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok in Berlin on Friday. «We know that Sudan is in a historic process of change and maybe you could say it stands at a turning point. And last year... Еще we have followed with great sympathy and respect, what the Sudanese people have peacefully and bravely achieved, toppling a rogue regime and now starting a new process'', said Merkel. Hamdok admitted that the transition has been messy but that the new leaders were determined to achieve what the Sudanese people expect from them with the help of friends like Germany. «Sudan is strategically located in the middle of the Sahel, with all the problems around us. You know them — in Libya, Central Africa, South Sudan, further East in Somalia, across the Sea in Yemen and many other places. If we get it right in Sudan, I think it has a very strong promise and impact and spill-over effect in the entire region'' said Hamdok. Sudan's army took control of the country after ousting long-time leader Omar Al-Bashir in April 2019. The coup led to a stand-off and outbreaks of violence between pro-democracy protesters who demanded a transition to civilian rule and the military.

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