Germany: Merkel's «sleeping pill policies» created vacuum that AFD has filled — Schulz

The SPD's Martin Schulz stated that in opposition his party will ensure that Germany gets the «opposition that Angela Merkel has tried to avoid for years», in Berlin, Monday. He noted that what he called a «sleeping pill-policy» of dominance of the Chancellory by the CDU had created a «vacuum» that he said had been filled by the AfD, «a party that even before taking their seats in Parliament has... Еще started to fall apart to small pieces». Schulz added, «we cannot repeat the mistakes we have made» stating that over the next few months and weeks the SPD will determine, «a new organisational direction for our party in particular in a dialogue with our voters.» Schulz also announced that the former Labour and Social Affairs Minister Andrea Nahles will be the new Chairman of the SPD in the Bundestag.


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