Germany: Merkel reflects on Germany's Syria policy during panel with refugees

Syrian refugee (German): «Yes» German Chancellor Angela Merkel met refugees who have worked with the Kiron Open Higher Education start-up, which specialises in providing online education for refugee youngsters, Friday, in Berlin. During a panel, the chancellor had the opportunity to get to know five of the students that Kiron work with, to debate with them and hear of the difficulties they... Еще face on the journey to, and arriving in, Germany. Merkel queried the best possible strategy for Germany to undertake in Syria, asking students «should we help rebuild Aleppo, should we engage ourselves in doing that and then strengthen Assad once again or do we say no, no help so long as Assad is there,» to which one Syrian refugee responded, «With or without Assad; I just want peace for the people there. We must once again work on our children's education in our country.» On the subject of integration, Merkel stated that «when one opens the newspaper, one day it says 'welcome', the other not [welcome] any more». Merkel continued asking her fellow panelists «please tell your countrymen, that perhaps have more difficulties, to integrate themselves, learn the language and then they will receive help, use your good example and encourage the others.» Kiron currently helps some 2,700 students in three different countries. Many of whom have come from Syria, while other contingents are from Afghanistan, Somalia and Pakistan.
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