Germany: Merkel promotes women in tech and politics at CDU event in Frankfurt

German Chancellor Angela Merkel demanded greater participation of women both in politics and the digital and technical spheres, while speaking at an event dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the women’s branch of the CDU in Frankfurt, Saturday. Speaking to a packed hall of women, Merkel lamented the lack of women in technological fields of work, stating that the number of girls planning to... Еще study something engineering or software related is «always between 23 and 28 percent,» and continued to ask «how can women decide over ethical questions, if they don’t know how deep learning and artificial intelligence works? This means that I need to learn about these topics to evaluate them ethically.» Merkel also reaffirmed her refugee policy and spoke of the need to approach historical problems like the migrant crisis with «the ambition to solve them.»

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