Germany: Merkel promises a new government 'as soon as possible' at CDU conference

German Chancellor Angela Merkel addressed her fellow party members at the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party conference in Kuhlungsborn, Saturday, pledging to put a new government in place as quickly as possible following the collapse of the 'Jamaica' coalition talks. «Europe needs a strong Germany. And of course, it is desirable to create a new government as soon as possible, not just... Еще ruling board,» stated Merkel. She announced the negotiation talks with the leaders of Social-Democratic Part Martin Schulz and Chairman of Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU) Horst Seehofer as well as Minister-President Frank-Walter Steinmeier next week. Merkel commented on a possible coalition with the Social Democratic Party (SPD), saying she was «prepared» to have these talks, but warned that they «can be based only on a mutual respect.» According to the Chancellor, the CDU-CSU 'Grand Coalition' had achieved a lot over the years and underlined that the «last government, which is still in state office, has done more for local authorities than any previous government.» She negatively responded to the prospect of snap elections, saying that «it does not mean that if we cannot start with the result that we have, we should request people to vote again.»


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