Germany: 'Merkel has failed' — Gauland comments on collapsed coalition talks

Alternative Fur Deutschland (AfD) Member of Parliament Alexander Gauland stated that German Chancellor Angela Merkel «has failed» and needs «to take a step back» as coalition talks to form a new government collapsed, speaking in Berlin, Monday. «We are happy about the fact that Mrs. Merkel has failed, because it wouldn't have been a new beginning, rather a continuation,» said Gauland. The AfD... Еще politician also added that his party is glad if the Greens don't take on «responsibility», criticising the party's domestic policies regarding refugees and energy transition. Gauland added the AfD would not be «afraid» of fresh elections. Earlier that day the Free Democratic Party (FDP) pulled out of the 'Jamaica' coalition negotiations. FDP Christian Lindner claimed that there was no «basis of trust» between Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the Christian Social Union (CSU) and the Greens.


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