Germany: Merkel denounces burning of Israeli flags, presses for «stable government»

German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke at a press conference in Berlin on Monday, where she criticised recent actions taken at protests in Germany against the US Government's decision to move their Israel embassy to Jerusalem. Merkel said, «We saw serious confrontations, with Israeli flags being burnt — and Stars of David. The Federal Board of the CDU condemns these contraventions to the rule of... Еще law; we're against all forms of antisemitism, xenophobia, regardless of differences of opinion.» The Chancellor also commented on the possibility of her party building a so-called 'Grand Coalition' with the Social Democratic Party (SPD), following the collapse of coalition talks with the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and Greens. Merkel called for identifying an overlap in positions and announced a meeting of the federal board, to be held at the latest when SPD have their next party conference. «We're concentrating on building a stable government,» she said, before adding, «what is true, in any case, is that a minority government would of course not be a stable government.»


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