Germany: Merkel decries detention of Germans in Turkey, criticises Erdogan's election comments

German Chancellor Angela Merkel commented on the arrest of two Germans in Turkey, at the annual meeting of the CDU/CSU Entrepreneurs' Association in Nuernberg, Friday. The German leader criticised the imprisonment of two more German citizens in Turkey «on political grounds». She said, «We have once again with these two seen people being imprisoned on political grounds. And we're of the opinion... Еще that, in most of the cases, there is hardly any reason for them. And because of this, we have to react decisively.» Merkel also criticised comments from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that Germans of Turkish origins shouldn't vote for the nation's three major parties in the upcoming September elections. She said, «It is unacceptable that a Turkish president calls upon the people of Turkish origin who have German citizenship to not vote for the CDU, SPD nor the Greens. That is something that the people in our country, with German citizenship, decide by themselves. And we'll say this to him to.» The arrests come three days after German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, requested that Turkey releases German citizens detained, one of which is the high-profile detainment of Denis Yuecel, a German-Turkish journalist who has been detained for 200 days so far under charges of aiding «terror propaganda.»

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