Germany: Merkel chairs Integration Summit in Berlin

German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited 50 organisations to the 10th Integration Summit at the Chancellery in Berlin on Wednesday. Member of Parliament Annette Widmann-Mauz presented her demands in regards with integration, including demanding refugees take courses on 'values' before their departure and again on their arrival to Germany. Spokesperson for the New German Organisation Ferda... Еще Ataman stated that the «values debate» and the exclusive «we» used by politicians and citizens are worrisome to Germans with a migration background, often referred to as «New Germans.» She also referenced reports of threats and insults, saying «sometimes we don't feel safe in this country anymore, our country.» Merkel reacted to questions from journalists, saying that she disagrees with Ataman's opinion that homeland is a term of segregation but rather «an open proposition of a common creation of our society.»

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