Germany: Merkel calls on car makers to restore «trust and credibility» after emission scandal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel paid a visit to International Motor Show Germany in Frankfurt, Thursday, ten days before the national elections. Merkel inspected the stands of the major automobile companies, such as Audi, Porsche and Mercedes. Speaking to the audience, Merkel called on car manufacturers to work towards building cleaner products in the future while also maintaining jobs in the... Еще sector. Discussing the emission scandal, Merkel stated, «The Automobile industry has to do everything it can in order to win back credibility and trust as quickly as possible». However, while criticising parts of the German Automobile sector, Merkel also pointed out that Germany is not the only nation to manufacturer polluting vehicles. «I would say that it is not only the German manufacturers who are responsible for control and improvement of air quality. On Germany's streets there are also over 3 million diesel cars from foreign manufacturers», she said, before calling for «foreign companies to also pledge a substantial contribution towards resolving this problem».


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