Germany: Merkel calls for international solutions to global crises at CDU youth conference

German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke to young members of her party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), in Dresden, on Saturday, where she addressed the recent federal election results and issues facing Germany ahead. While Merkel acknowledged the 8.6 percent loss that the CDU/CSU made in September's national elections, she maintained that her party was still in by far the strongest position... Еще, with no party able to make a coalition without the CDU. «This time around, no government could be established against us, neither a traffic light [SPD-FDP-Green] nor a Red-Red-Green [SPD-Linke-Green] coalition. And that was not the case in 2005, not in 2009, nor in 2013,» Merkel pointed out. Speaking about how she intends to shape the country's foreign policy over the next four years, Merkel stressed a need for international cooperation — within the EU in particular — to solve global challenges. «None of these huge problems can be solved by one country alone, not by Germany with its 82 million citizens. And that is why Europe is, above all, a guarantee of peace. The possibility to live in peace and thus improve one's existence,» she said.


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