Germany: Merkel appeals for 'global efforts' to tackle COVID-19

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on G20 countries to support the coronavirus vaccine distribution worldwide as nations are striving to find a way to curb the pandemic, at the G20 virtual summit on Saturday. «Each country is striving to find its own responses to the pandemic, as well as to contribute to the necessary worldwide response, because a global challenge, which the pandemic undoubtedly is, can only be overcome with a global effort,» she said. Merkel warned G20 leaders about the insufficient funds pledged so far for every country to have access and be able to afford the vaccine, with the goal to distribute two billion doses of vaccine by the end of 2021. «We need reliable funding, better cooperation and more independence. And the G20 can provide important, indeed, crucial support in this area. If we stand together across the globe, we can control and overcome the virus and its impact. It is worth redoubling our efforts,» she concluded. Saudi Arabia is hosting a remote G20 summit which will run through Sunday. Talks are expected to be centred on the global response to COVID-19 and the distribution of the upcoming vaccines.


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