Germany: Merkel announces meeting with Putin in 'foreseeable future'

Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand: «My god! One can see it no way other than wonderfully. Time has flown by very quickly and it was very interesting. We had fun. So you can be proud of your Prime Minister, if you want to write that for the New Zealand press. For sure it will be the headline tomorrow.» German Chancellor Angela Merkel revealed that she had spoken with Russian President... Еще Vladimir Putin on the phone and expected them to meet «in the foreseeable future» to discuss topics from Ukraine to Syria, while at a press conference with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in Berlin on Tuesday. Merkel explained she had spoken with Putin over the phone to discuss a number of issues, and stated «I think the number of topics we have, from Ukraine over gas to the very large topic of Syria, requires us to have a direct exchange in the foreseeable future.» She added that no specific date had yet been chosen. Merkel was clear that «differences of opinion» should be addressed clearly to one another, but that «If we want to have a peaceful regulation, especially in regards to Syria, then it is necessary to speak with Russia.» Ardern similarly stressed the need to «move back towards a multi-lateral approach, to move back to dialogue, and to ultimately move back to the United Nations to seek resolution and de-escalation.»

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