Germany: Merkel and Schulz clash on immigration and Erdogan in televised debate

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) chancellor candidate Martin Schulz faced-off during a televised debate, in Berlin, Sunday, only three weeks ahead of the German federal election. The respective leaders sparred on issues including Germany's immigration policy and its increasingly strained relationship with Turkey. Schulz blamed Merkel for acting... Еще unilaterally in 2015 when she accepted one million refugees into Germany. This, according to the SPD leader led to «Hungarian Prime Minister Orban or the party chief in Poland Kaczynski to position themselves with no responsibility and to abandon us Germans.» On said refugees, Schulz advocated the deportation of those who are «criminals» or come to Germany hoping to carry out «terror attacks». In turn, Merkel dismissed the long-standing plan to have Turkey join the EU, stating «I don't see the admission of Turkey to the European Union and I have never saw it, as the Social Democrats still had another position on it.» After Schulz called for a complete «stop [on] the discussions with the European Union on the admission of Turkey,» Merkel added that «The act of reaching peace at any price is the last thing we need dealing with someone as Erdogan. I absolutely agree with that. But when one wants to free citizens that are in prison there, one needs to stay in discussion.» The German Federal Election is set for September 24. Mandatory credit: ARD/ZDF/RTL/SAT.1
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