Germany: Meet Angela Merkel Muhammed, a child born to Syrian refugees

Syrian refugees Khaled Muhammed and Asia Faray have named their newest child after German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The couple was found enjoying a typical day of family life at their home in Muenster on Sunday. Eleven-day-old Angela Merkel Muhammed was resting in her father's arms as he explained his choice of name. «She [Merkel] is the first person I've seen like this, whether a president or... Еще a councillor. Look how she is crying over the refugees» he said, showing a picture of Merkel teary-eyed. Mohammed and his family arrived in Germany in 2015 when Merkel announced an open-door policy on asylum. «She doesn't just deserve naming one's daughter after her; she deserves giving her your life,» the father said. Muhammed and Faray aren't, however, the first parents to name their child after the German leader; another Angela Merkel was born in February 2015 in the northern city of Hanover to a Ghanaian mother.
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