Germany: Manhunt begins for four escaped Plotzensee prisoners in Berlin

Police have begun their search on Thursday into four Plotzensee prisoners who escaped the Berlin prison following a breakout from a car workshop window by smashing through concrete reinforced bars. The prisoners were believed to be taking part in a car workshop exercise with the prison when they escaped through a ventilation window in a heating room on Thursday morning. Plotzensee institute... Еще of correctional office spokesperson Dr. Uwe Meyer-Odewald said: «For the break out the prisoners used standard tools from the workshop. The circumstances must be clarified in greater detail, we are very interested ourselves as for decades as far as I know there has been no outbreak by a Plotzensee prisoner and in this respect the conditions will be clarified.» The men who escaped were jailed earlier in 2017 and were imprisoned for theft, burglary and bodily harm among other convictions. Plotzensee prison is an all-male prison currently holding 362 inmates.

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