Germany: Major police op. removes protesters outside Darmstadt deportation facility

Some 40 protesters staged a blockade outside of a deportation facility in Darmstadt in the early hours on Friday, resulting in a large police operation to remove them. «At around 6:30 this morning [4:30 GMT] the workers of the deportation detention facility noticed that a bunch of people had positioned themselves around the facility. They notified the police, and a large police operation was... Еще carried out,» said Bernd Hochstadter, Press spokesman of South Hesse Police. Footage shows the protesters being led, or often carried away by police. Hochstadter also said it appeared to have something to do with the deportation of an Ethiopian national, and that the police «arrested about 40 people, and an identity verification is being made, and in this context we are examining whether an offence of a breach of the peace has been committed.»

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