Germany: Macron speaks of 'weakening of the West' at Munich Security Conference

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke of the «weakening of the West» during the 2020 Munich Security Conference taking place in Munich, on Saturday. «When I look at the world the way it is, and it's the theme of your conference this year, there is indeed a weakening of the West. We thought 15 years ago that our values were universal, that we were going to dominate the world durably, that we were... Еще prevailing on the technological level, military level, etc.,» said Macron. «And when I look at us, on a 10-15 years horizon, we will be more and more challenged by other projects, other values.» The 2020 Munich Security Conference (MSC) is held in the Bavarian capital between February 14-16, where over 450 leaders in the fields of politics, business, academia and civil society will discuss current crises and futures challenges. No access Germany // Mandatory credit: Munich Security Conference 2020 — BR


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