Germany: Maas and Austrian FM comment on EU mission to block entry of arms into Libya

A new EU maritime mission will control the arms embargo in Libya, replacing the current ‘Sofia’ mission, said German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas in Berlin on Wednesday. Speaking at a news conference with his Austrian counterpart Alexander Schallenberg, Maas explained “This mission will encompass a maritime part in the Eastern Mediterranean — this is the place where the weapons supplies routes... Еще are.” Schallenberg proposed to “be present in the ports and airports” for an effective monitoring and signalled Austria’s readiness to participate in such a mission. Commenting on the dispute over Iran’s nuclear programme, Maas welcomed Schallenberg’s upcoming trip to Tehran, highlighting that the West stands united regarding the objectives of the dialogue with Iran. “e don’t want Iran to possess nuclear weapons, we also want the Iran to play a different role in the region than the role it is playing currently, for instance in Yemen, in Syria or Iraq. We also want to talk about the ballistic missile programme with Iran — these are things that the Americans and Europeans agree between each other. The approaches are different, but we agree on the objectives.” Schallenberg concluded his statement assuring that he will deliver a “European message” in Tehran.

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