Germany: Locals react to ban on mosque's use of loudspeakers for call to prayer

Residents of Oer-Erkenschwick responded to a recent court ruling, on Sunday, which dictated that a mosque in the town may no longer broadcast its call to prayer through loudspeakers. Members of the mosque's congregation criticised the decision, with one man declaring, «[I] don't understand this prohibition because it doesn't affect anyone in the surrounding area.» Meanwhile, another man said... Еще that the prohibition of the call to prayer over the loudspeakers was «not acceptable.» In the town centre, however, a woman who was not part of the town's Muslim community gave a different opinion. She said, «I'm not prejudiced against any [religion]. But if I lived near a mosque and then someone would call like that ... [it] would really affect me.» The plaintiff, against the mosque's call to prayer, was a couple that lives just under 1 km (0.62 miles) from the mosque. The couple argues that the call to prayer violates their rights as Christians.

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