Germany: Locals question refugee ban in violence-plagued city

Locals in the East German city of Cottbus have questioned a decision to temporarily ban new refugees in a bid to stem a number of recent violent incidents. The city has been rocked by a series of violent incidents since the start of the new year. Earlier this week, two teenage Syrians were arrested on suspicion of stabbing a 16-year-old German boy in the face. The incident comes just days... Еще after three Syrian refugees attacked a man and his wife at a shopping mall. «Yes, of course, what just happened is really bad. I am not saying that it should be forgiven. But you cannot judge all the people based on the actions of one-two persons or maybe of a group of teenagers,» said Cottbus resident Alicia Kuhlmann. «It is not a solution of the problem. Not to accept any more refugees — it doesn’t solve the problem, which we have here in Cottbus,» said Andrej Belker. Another resident, Lars Kaczmarek, noticed that «there is a need for action in the city», but called the official decision «questionable».

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