Germany: Local activist calls for stricter laws after release of distressing animal testing footage

Long-time local activist and founder of the Lobby Pro Tier Sabine Brauer commented on the recent publication of the shocking footage allegedly taken undercover from within the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology (LPT) in Mienenbuettel, near Hamburg, during an interview in Mienenbuettel on Wednesday. Footage shows the exterior of the LPT facility, which is protected by barbed wire and... Еще security cameras. Dogs inside kennels can also be seen. Brauer, who lives just 1 kilometre away from the facility, has been campaigning for animal rights and attempting to shed light on the facility for 10 years. «This happens every day, because this doesn't happen during announced checkups, but because this is every day and now, finally, there is a lever to proof what we have always suspected,» Brauer said. She went on to describe the footage as «much worse than I expected, I have to say... you can imagine, when animals are poisoned on a daily basis over months, in general over three months, that they are in pain, that they lose blood, that their organs are destroyed.'' Brauer concluded by saying that «We definitely need other laws. There needs to be much stricter regulations on which kinds of animal testing should still be permitted.'' Ruptly has reached out to the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology but has not yet received a comment.

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